“- No James, I’m talking about this suicide website I found…yeah that’s right…  Death online…Have the time of your life: Die together, separately or closely behind. -You what?  What’s it called?            A life of recluse dot com.  It’s dedicated to some Dutch school boy who killed himself because someone stole his digital identity – high jacked it or something online!  Like – it…is so deep.  On this site, there are more so many more people out there that actually feel like this- raped, institutionalized, and useless.  This boy’s online identity was his own most excellent way to present himself, and how he connected with people.. the world – but if this can be stolen by something outside yourself, then you might aswell jump from this ledge, straight into the sea and drown.                     Would you die with me Erin, for the sake of freedom?           Maybe not together eh James, but separately and closely behind – Lets just say, I’d be right behind you mate, backing you up all the way. (And then, they both laugh.) ”                                                           (www.alifeofrecluse.com)

4 thoughts on “www.alifeofrecluse.com

  1. little indian

    I recognised the Avatar.
    I was another one guilty
    of mistaking you for someone else. 😦

    I also am another of the
    “many more people out there
    that actually feel like this-
    raped, institutionalized, and useless”.
    Taken refuge in the anonymity of the cyber world.

    You may find me wandering through once in a while.
    Welcome to WordPress, and my very best wishes.

  2. phosphorescence1001 Post author

    Yes yes I remeber you, how you doin little indian, hows the bird watching going? Im glad you stopped by. Thanks for your visit, and taking the time to comment…by all means please come again, this is a space for the desolate XXXX

  3. little indian

    Thanks Naj.
    haven’t done much of bird watching recently.
    Just lost the motivation, seems to much of effort.

    I have joined a local bird reserve as a weekend volunteer
    maybe that will get me going again.

  4. phosphorescence1001 Post author

    Oh yes I forgot to say, please do visit http://www.alifeofrecluse.com, its a hypertext fiction, that the above extract has been taken from. I think I have seen you on my stats, but you didnt stay long I dont think…did you get a bit lost? Cuz if you did, your supposed to you know…? And a little tip if you click the heading chapter titile, you get to see the vidoes with music 😉


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