Welcome to Phosphorescence1001:  

This site has been dedicated to share the poems written by Najma Hush between 1999 to date.  More recent poems make allusions to public figures from monotheist Scriptures, Classical Literature, Classic Mythology, Legends, Folk Lore, and more.  Most of the poets work, borrows inspiration from other Artists or legendary characters.  

The poetry presented here has been carefully and honestly crafted with a view to connect with others, to provoke thought and feeling.  Furthermore, some of  poems presented, have been accompanied with original images photographed by PhotoGiraffe to further the practice of the artist’s concept, Poetography.  

Poets, Cameras, Poetographers.

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Phosphorescence1001 is part of an on-going project in association with the Artists concept, PhotoGiraffe – conducting experiments of Poetography – concerning the union of poetry and photography to create an autonomous art form, which possess a cohesive narrative through symbolises and metaphor.

Poetography is an ongoing practical study by Najma Hush to further our knowledge on how images and words have a direct impact on each other, with precise relation to how a cohesive narrative can be expressed symbolically and metaphorically without cliché, illustratively obvious or on the other hand – as a direct antonym – without being too abstract.




3 thoughts on “Home

  1. paulsimon

    no one is an island
    touch one person with kindness
    they will reach out and touch another
    so your kindness will travel
    your one kindness will touch a million

    1. Najma Hush Post author

      Thank You Gunroswell. You are very kind. I will check out the rules in more detail shortly. What questions would you like me to answer?


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